Lake Macquarie residents deserve the truth from their federal MP, says Bryce Ham



I am aware of four Lake Macquarie residents visiting our federal MP for Shortland, Pat Conroy, to ask him as Defence Industries Minister about Australia provisioning Israel in its latest war on Palestine.

Mr Conroy said Australia was not providing weaponry to Israel. The group had relied on information provided by Senator David Shoebridge regarding this and Mr Conroy told them the senator had misconstrued his words.

The ongoing destruction of Gaza is shocking. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed. Many many more maimed.

There are reports of torture camps1, an extermination strategy2, and numerous mass graves3. The atrocities could be even worse however Israel continues to prevent the world’s media from entering Palestine4.

Australians in their thousands are horrified by what they are witnessing. It is imperative that our country plays no part in this genocide.

I would hope our local Federal MP speaks truthfully when he meets Lake Macquarie residents.

Is it the case that Australia is providing weapon components to Israel and our tax dollars are helping kill people, burying families under rubble? Destroying hospitals, universities and schools? Murdering journalists, teachers and academics?

We need to hear the truth, Mr Conroy.

Is Australia complicit?

We know that the government has a large contract with Hanwa, the South Korean company, to manufacture military vehicles, knowing Hanwa subcontract to Elbit, the Israeli company. Also we have provided parts to BAE and Northrop Grumman who supply parts for Lockhead Marin’s contracts with Israel.

The United Nations has called for an end to the supply of arms to Israel, and many countries have already agreed (for example Canada, Japan, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium among others).

The UN has specifically mentioned Australia and asked us to stop military exports to Israel. If we aren’t doing that as Mr Conroy says then why would the UN single us out?

I stand with Lake Macquarie residents in calling on the Australian Government to joining the international community on the right side of history.