About Me

I’m Bryce Ham, and I will work for you on Council.

I passionately believe that the power to shape our community should be held by us: ordinary people like you and I.

I’ve spent my life fighting for what matters. Believing in the collective power of ordinary people, I’ve been an organiser for School Strike 4 Climate and Rising Tide. Together, we are unstoppable.

I’m running to represent my community in the North Ward because I’m proud to be a lifelong resident of Lake Macquarie, but I know our Council can do better. Our community is among the most desirable areas to live in New South Wales, but there is still work to do to preserve, protect, and enhance our natural ecosystems and community spaces for future generations.

I work as a full-time software developer in the Hunter mining industry and I currently study at the University of Newcastle. I am proud to be a young candidate and I believe my youth brings a fresh perspective and determined passion to address local issues on Council. I am driven by the four pillars of the Greens—ecological sustainability, social justice, grassroots democracy, and peace and non-violence— which will guide my efforts to make positive changes in our community.