Bryce Ham for Lake Macquarie

Together, we are unstoppable

I’m Bryce Ham, and I will fight for you on Council

Together, we can win real positive change in Lake Macquarie. Electing a Greens councillor will give locals more of a say in planning a green and sustainable city, with better access to public and active transport, parks, and affordable housing.

Safer routes for walking and cycling

Whether you’re a kid getting to school, a worker going to work, or a senior doing your shopping, there should be safe walking and cycling routes to your destination.

Protecting green spaces

We need to protect our remaining suburban green spaces and keep them clean and in good health so they can be enjoyed by us and future generations.

Planning for people, not profit

I will ensure that the increasing development around our city is to the benefit of people instead of developers. That means ensuring that developers pay their fair share towards improving and expanding the infrastructure required to support the growing population. In doing so, we can create liveable neighbourhoods where public services and infrastructure keep up with our communities’ changing needs.

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