Greens announce candidate for Lake Macquarie Council North Ward for 2024 election



Greens Candidate for Lake Macquarie City Council North Ward Bryce Ham has announced his run for the September 2024 poll by focussing on long term plans that Council needs to keep Lake Macquarie among the most desirable areas to live in NSW.

Drawing on his years of experience as a community campaigner and activist for the environment and sustainable transport, and a life-long Lake Macquarie resident, Bryce is standing as a Greens candidate for the first time after running as an Independent in 2021.

“The long-term thinking promoted by Greens policies aligned with my own, and I realised that urgent priorities in Lake Macquarie could be addressed by joining a team of committed and experienced local campaigners,” said Bryce.

Bryce’s plan for a liveable Lake Macquarie covers younger and older residents alike. “For children, families, and senior citizens, there are gaps in Council strategy that I would like to see addressed in a whole-of-life plan that embraces the long term.”

“Currently most Council playgrounds lack UV protective shade cloth. Installation of sun-safe shade in playgrounds will protect the health of Lake Macquarie’s little ones and prevent many skin cancers in years to come.”

“Workers and shoppers in Lake Macquarie struggle along our congested roads, particularly in the Edgeworth-Cardiff and Warners Bay-Charlestown corridors. In addition to lobbying for additional public bus and local transport schemes, further improvement and expansion of shared paths is urgently needed.”

“My experience in campaigning for the proposed Charlestown to Coast path can be applied to the benefit of thousands of North Ward residents between the coast and West Wallsend.”

“Mobility for senior residents is a priority both for their independence and wellbeing. With the increasing availability of mobility scooters and walkers to help senior residents enjoy an active lifestyle for many more years, Council needs to identify and develop more suitable access to key medical, shopping, and residential areas. Overseas there are many examples of dual-use cycleways and mobility corridors, so Council can give residents a benefit twice over in the construction of these facilities.”

Bryce Ham, 20 years old, is a former organiser for School Strike 4 Climate and has said he hopes to engage young people in local government through his campaign. “I recognise that I am young but I believe my youth brings a fresh perspective and determined passion to address local issues on Council.”

Bryce will commence his campaign for Council by engaging with residents literally where they live. “Over the months ahead I plan to knock on as many doors as possible from Dudley to West Wallsend so that I can meet and hear directly from North Ward residents about the issues that matter to them.”

“I’m starting my campaign well ahead of the Council elections so that people have time to get to know me, and because I’m a long-term planner in any case.”

“Residents across North Ward today might be wondering ‘who’s Bryce?’, but by the time next September comes around, I aim to have met so many that they’ll know exactly who can help bring their issues forward on Council to be solved.”

So the next time North Ward residents hear a knock at their door, it just might be Bryce!